Mixed Games Lead This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

A nice variety of games leads off this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, measured as those still under a million monthly active users. The titles emphasize just how diverse Facebook gamers are becoming:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. 開心水果(开心水果)494,158+479,742+3,328%
2. Warstorm740,434+326,815+79%
3. Mall Dreams707,953+326,590+86%
4. La Ferme380,401+299,454+370%
5. How old do you look?316,778+285,971+928%
6. Cupcake Corner583,244+216,739+59%
7. La Tomatina574,022+211,226+58%
8. Fun Cards – Birthday & More!257,306+194,470+309%
9. Toy Land495,512+185,422+60%
10. 開心花園287,189+168,791+143%
11. Citizen Sports388,632+145,228+60%
12. 小小戰爭695,226+144,696+26%
13. Green Farm362,747+143,151+65%
14. i Like Slots650,126+139,122+27%
15. Crime City197,122+136,047+223%
16. Fantasy Kingdoms509,413+135,551+36%
17. Robot Unicorn Attack464,645+128,247+38%
18. Who Missed You today?719,956+121,934+20%
19. قارئ افكار الاصدقاء303,537+120,790+66%
20. radiance BRITNEY SPEARS™389,569+116,633+43%

開心水果(开心水果) and La Ferme are both farming titles, but they are in, respectively, Chinese and French, and contain features mostly not common to English-language farming games (like stealing crops). Meanwhile, Warstorm is a rather geeky strategy game, and Mall Dreams is a glitzy shopping-oriented title. Further down the list, there are store management, sports and arcade games.

Non-game apps aren’t as well-represented on the list, but there are still a few. How old do you look? is the first. The app’s method for guessing ages isn’t clear, but it was actually somewhat accurate, coming within three years of my age. Fun Cards – Birthday & More!, at number eight, is a pretty standard greeting card app, with wall-posted cards for most occasions and an event calendar.

We’ve seen Who Missed You today?; the simple app, which picks one of your friends out for you to message, may cross a million MAU in the coming week. Finally, قارئ افكار الاصدقاء is a growing Arabic-language app that guesses at a favorite Facebook activity based on your profile.