Minus.com Provides Free And Easy File Sharing

I’ve written in the past about online file storage services like Dropbox and how valuable I believe they are for mobile users. Services like Dropbox increase the amount of storage accessible from a smartphone, providing a place to put pictures and other files that you might need to access but don’t want taking up previous storage space on your phone. Minus.com also provides file storage, but it is optimized for sharing files.

Go to minus.com and sign up for a free account. To share files from a desktop computer all you need to do is drag and drop a file onto a browser window, and the file automatically uploads. By default files are private, but can be made public. A shortened URL is generated for each file, which you can provide to other people so that they can download the file.

Minus.com emphasizes the concept of file sharing through a timeline that is similar to the one on Twitter. You can follow other people and any file that they publicly share will appear in your timeline. Likewise, people can follow you to see any files that you publicly share.

Apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, although the iOS and Windows Phone versions are in beta. The Android app that I tested has the ability to share a picture that you take, as well as any file that is stored on your phone. The Minus app takes advantage of Android’s built-in sharing capability, which means that you can share links to files in Facebook or Twitter.

If you frequently send files as attachments in e-mail, you can use Minus.com (or alternately min.us) to store the file and only send the link in your email, saving the recipient’s storage space. Sharing a link via e-mail on Android is a simple matter of selecting Gmail as the sharing option. If you frequently need to share files via the Internet, I think you will find Minus.com a useful service to have in your tool kit.