Becoming Mainstream in Economic Turmoil?

Online personal finance tool has come a long way since launching last year. Having gained a good deal of attention for its service, which allows users to manage their finances and access various recommended services such as credit card accounts, has swiftly grown to over a reported 600,000 users.

Emerging from its beta test phase, also has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. The company has been selected as a Technology Pioneer 2009, by the World Economic Forum. The requirements for such a globally recognized award include having an impact on business as well as society. As a result of being a select company for the forum, will be participating in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland next month.

What’s especially encouraging about’s recongition by the World Economic Forum is its poential for pushing out web-based services as widely adopted products ready for mainstream use. There are a number of other services hoping to do the same thing, from Geezeo to SmartyPig. And such a personalized service such as also goes along with the custom, web-based “concierge” services we’re seeing emerge as stand-alone apps as well as added perks from financial institutions.

So such recognition from an organization like the World Economic Forum can do wonders for not only but others in its space. Especially important is the financial benefits of having a tailored DIY service, in light of the current US economy when many are looking for reasonable ways in which to manage their finances.