Playfish's Growing Hit: Minigolf on Facebook

Golf video games can leave a lot to be desired, depending on the level of involvement and the type of video game you’re playing. But Playfish’s Minigolf Party Facebook app has simplified the video golf game enough to make it fun and addictive in an extremely casual game setting. There’s still enough room for skilled players to up the ante, yet easy enough to get started even if you’re not the most talented of players.

Depending on the amount of time you have to play Minigolf, there is an option to play either a single hole or all holes in the course, highlighting the Playfish’s dedication to the definition of casual gaming. To make things a bit more interesting for this putt-putt golf game, you’ll also be able to collect coins as you hit the ball through the course. Coins collected can be your saving grace, if you’re like me and too slow and bad at minigolf to earn points in the “conventional” par scoring system.

Currently Minigolf is still in beta, and the game is open to anyone that wants to try out this game. Poking around the site, I also see that a new course will be added soon, called Spree Craze. Being a Facebook application, Minigolf lets you compete against friends, invite friends to a challenge, and be reminded of how many more points you need in order to beat your friends on the leaderboard.

Playfish already has pretty good distribution of its casual games on Facebook, as it’s the company behind other popular games like Who Has the Biggest Brain and my personal favorite, Word Challenge. So it’s no surprise that Minigolf has seen significant and steady growth, going from about 13,000 monthly active users to just under 130,000 in the past two weeks. Go view more Minigolf Party statistics, and check back often for updates on its activity with our new Facebook Connect App Directory.