Millions Of Facebook Users Boycott BP

Boycott BP LogoThe news about the world’s largest oil spill is becoming tiresome and Facebook users are now turning to groups and events in order to call on others to boycott BP. One Facebook Page, Boycott BP, now has over 630,000 fans and is growing quickly. A Facebook event, which also calls on users to Boycott BP, now has over 130,000 attendees, and there are countless other groups, pages, and events, all calling on the same thing.

As more and more oil spills into the Gulf of Mexico, social media has become the central place for people to express their frustration about the issue. Whether it has been logo contests to redefine BP’s logo, or a Firefox Plugin like the one developed by the team at JESS3, there are now numerous ways for people to express themselves online about the BP oil spill, which doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

Whatever way people express themselves, there’s a good chance that much of the conversation will shift to Facebook, as it has become the central place for people to connect online. Expressing the shared emotions of frustration, anger, and lack of control is simply a way for humans to cope. While it may not accomplish much, it helps us connect with one another and its own way, RSVPing to an event, joining a group, or becoming a fan of a Facebook Page that’s boycotting BP is a simple way to feel a little bit better.