Digital Chocolate’s Millionaire Boss is Moving Up in the Business World on Facebook

Providing an escape from the country’s current budgetary woes, Millionaire Boss is Digital Chocolate’s micro-level take on the concept of city-building and management, condensing the gameplay into an office setting and casting players as a business tycoon. The game only just launched a couple of weeks ago and debuted at No.2 on our list of emerging Facebook games last Friday.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Millionaire Boss currently has 391,984 monthly active users and 29,978 daily active users.

Millionaire Boss tasks players with building and managing an office of workers plugging away at unnamed tasks to make the company money. Players must purchase various types of desks from basic employee to CEO to build and then staff either with friends (for free) or non-playable characters (for an in-game currency fee). The type of desk determines the sort of work that can be done at it and, in turn, how much money it can produce once occupied. When a worker has been assigned to a desk, the player can give them timed task to complete, some requiring mere minutes, others hours and days. Once complete, these tasks reward the player with cash, experience and bonuses that are distributed to nearby workers automatically.

In addition to desks and workers, players can place various decoration items and performance boosting “perks” like large-screen TVs to indoor aquariums to zen spas. These perk items help expand the number of people the player may hire, thus bringing in more money and necessitating the purchase of office expansions.

Recruiting friends to desks and specific office areas is one of the social aspects of the game. Friends do not need to opt-in to work at desks, but they do need to accept requests to fill roles in specific office areas (e.g. a “Loudmouth” for the “Small meeting room”). Players can visit friends’ offices and help motivate employees for bonus cash and experience points. Certain items required for construction, like brooms and screwdrivers, are also available via friend gifting. An in-game leader board displays the player’s position relative to their most successful friends in terms of financial holdings and accomplishments can be pushed onto friends’ Walls.

Monetization in Millionaire Boss come from spending Facebook Credits on everything from gameplay boosting items and premium decorations to the construction materials needed for perks or special office areas. Normal desks and decoration items can be purchased with the game’s soft currency, cash. Avatar customization items, including hairstyles, shoes and clothing, are also available for purchase – some for cash, some only for Facebook Credits.

Digital Chocolate did not respond to require for comment on Millionaire Boss’s future at time of press. We observe that the developer has been applying a steady stream of updates to the game, as evidenced by its numerous Wall updates notifying users. It will be interesting to see if any cross-compatibility with Millionaire City is added in the future, as the game’s shallow narrative connects the two games and the friend invite system allows players to filter for Millionaire City friends much the same way Zynga’s Empires & Allies allows players to filter for CityVille friends.

You can follow Millionaire Boss’ progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.