Milkweed on NetGalley

eGalleys are on the rise. As we announced previously, the prominent indie publisher Milkweed Editions is among the presses newly signed with NetGalley for the new year. Jessica Deutsch, Marketing and Publicity Director Milkweed, told eBookNewser that she’s excited about the potential of eGalleys for reaching a larger audience and generating pre-pub buzz for the press’s books. She told eBookNewser all about it in an email exchange.

Here’s what she had to say: “We are signed up for the entire year, with the hope that we can distribute our galleys more widely using NetGalley. As an independent press with a relatively small budget for galleys, Milkweed has to reserve galleys for a relatively small group of reviewers, sales reps, and booksellers. I can’t tell you how many times someone has requested a galley but we’re out months before a book’s publication date. E-galleys lead to less wasted paper and decreased shipping and printing expenses, but still give reviewers, bloggers, and booksellers (who are willing to use the service) an easy way to view our books and then decide if they want a printed galley. We will have all of our books available as e-galleys, and a limited quantity of print galleys available for our 2010 books.”

Deutsch asked us to mention that interested reviewers could email her to request eGalleys.

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