Miley Cyrus’ Image Revamp

Miley Cyrus may find herself at odds with Mickey Mouse. A story in the Vancouver Sun points to recently released footage showing Cyrus “using a bong apparently to smoke the hallucinogenic herb salvia.”

According to TMZ sources  “the substance was not marijuana, which is typically smoked in bongs.”

The teen celeb’s image has been a source of controversy in the media; while parents aren’t so sure they want their “Hanna Montana” grown-up — the Disney Channel show’s final episode is slated to run in spring of 2011 — Cyrus has been pushing for an identity outside of that image.

The article points to her gigs as “a rebellious and sullen teen in the movie The Last Song and in “a series of raunchy pop music videos” as proof.

And while a post suggests that Miley Cyrus “allowed herself to be videotaped smoking salvia because she knew it would some day be leaked,” box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian told the NY Daily News that smoking or no smoking, Cyrus’ brand power may “falter from her attempt to separate herself from a ‘proven’ Disney brand.”

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