Mika Mobile Brings Another App Store Hit to Life with Zombieville USA 2

Released in 2009, the original Zombieville USA was a runaway success. It topped the App Store’s best-selling game chart and was one of the first iOS action games to capitalize on pop culture’s fascination with the living dead. The husband and wife team behind Mika Mobile went on to create a series of top-selling iOS titles, including OMG Pirates! and Battleheart, and has now returned to the franchise that put it on the map.
Launched just in time for Halloween, Zombieville USA 2 is an evolution of the original title, which saw players carving a swath through undead hordes in side-scrolling, 2D levels. Featuring enhanced hand-drawn artwork and animation, this sequel continues to let players shoot and hack zombie legions, but adds a third dimension to the action. In addition to moving left and right in the game’s levels, jumping and dashing, players can now move in and out of them, creating a much more open style of gameplay.

The level structure also introduces more freedom as the levels are randomized environments rather than pre-built stages that are the same — and have the same enemy patterns — every time players enter them. They’re timed, as well, instead of featuring traditional end-points. Players amass money by smashing crates and other objects in the game’s levels. This cash is used in the store to purchase new weapons and upgrades. Three weapons can be switched between on-the-fly during gameplay. Players have access to a variety of weapons, including shotguns, axes, flamethrowers, grenades, machine guns, rocket launchers and more.

Zombieville USA 2 features multiple playable characters (such as a ninja, princess and cop) and supports two-player cooperative play via Bluetooth and local wifi networks. Game Center functionality includes leaderboards and achievements.
Mika Mobile, the game’s developer, was started in 2009 by couple Noah Bordner and Kelli Noda. Bordner had previously worked as an animator at Bungie, LucasArts and Electronic Arts. Following the success of the original Zombieville USA, Bordner and Noda shifted their focus full-time to independent iOS development, self-funding subsequent projects.

Currently, Zombieville USA 2 is ranked No. 3 on the App Store’s list of best-selling gaming apps. The $0.99 universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad is also on the top-grossing game chart at No. 15.

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