Midday Media Miscellany: 05.18.2005

Schwag Hags, part II: It’s day three of the upfronts – the last day for stars to stagger from the Ritz-Carlton hospitality suite under armloads of free luxury goodies. We’re not jealous; our apartments are much too small to accomodate that stuff, anyway. Oh, wait – eBay. SHIT! [Transom, NYO(2nd item); Boldface, NYT (2nd item too! Woooo, freaky.)]

Good news for people who like bad news for Jeff Zucker: ABC’s Good Morning America totally cleans up this morning across major urban centers, taking NYC, LA,Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston and Detroit over rival NBC’s Today Show (Katie Couric’s legs are still tops in San Fran, though).[Drudge]

Ay Carumba! Now Bloomberg’s A Mexican! Sploid’s headline makes the mayor seem that much more caliente. Total guapo. And he seemed so Jewish this morning. [NYDN via Sploid]

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