Microsoft’s Improves Facebook Integration

Microsoft tweaked its to better integrate with Facebook Pages last week, and from the looks of it, document sharing through Facebook will now be a much easier experience.

In a blog last week Microsoft announced the changes to were made in response to user feedback since the service’s launch in April. Apparently one of the most requested changes came from Page administrators eager to have the ability to post a document on Facebook.

Under the changes, Facebook Page admins may now: Author a document as your Facebook Page, post a document to the Page, add a Docs tab to your Page and all admins may share/manage documents created for the Page.

A slideshow with more detailed information is available here.

As we reported previously, Docs was unveiled as one of Facebook’s Instant Personalization sites at its f8 developer conference in April.

At the time, was in beta testing, although the idea was eventually for Facebook users to use while on Facebook. These new changes seem to further that idea, allowing more ways for users to use the service while on Facebook.

As a strategic investor in Facebook, Microsoft is hoping to use product partnerships like this to breathe more life into its aging line of productivity software, using Facebook social features to make collaboration easier, even as rivals like Google try to do the same. We’ve heard that more Facebook integration may be coming from Microsoft this year.