Microsoft Office Web Apps Look Pretty Good on the iPhone (but no editing allowed)

PowerPoint slidedeck displayed on an iPhone through Microsoft Skydrive

Excel spreadsheet displayed on an iPhone through Microsoft Skydrive

ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley reported yesterday that…

Office Web Apps access comes to Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry and more (with some caveats)

So, I pointed my iPhone’s browser at to see what it looks like in its Safari browser. The beta release of Microsoft’s Office web apps are provided through their existing free Skydrive cloud storage service. Word and OneNote documents are not usable in that environment yet. However, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations are. SkyDrive’s site itself does not appear as a mobile friendly site. However, it is usable in Safari. And, I was able to login and see the list of files I have there.

As you can see from the two screenshots above, I was able to successfully open an old PowerPoint slidedeck and Excel spreadsheet. I was able to see all the slides in the slidedeck by simply scrolling down a continuous web page. Everything looked fine (no aminations or other fancy objects in this slidedeck). The Excel spreadsheet also looked fine. Double tapping on the sheet zoomed in to provide fonts in a readable size. Scrolling around the sheet also worked as expected.

Neither document type was editable.

I think this is a great start. And, I’m very happy to have a reasonably simple way to retrieve and view (only) PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets on my iPhone. I’ll give it a test on the Droid next.