Microsoft Moves 1 Million Kinects

It should be easy for a large number of Americans to burn off the pounds gained over the holidays this year—at least for those families with a Kinect. And it looks like there will be a lot of them.

Microsoft announced that it has sold one million Kinect for Xbox 360 games in just 10 days. By the time New Year’s hits, the software giant expects to have sold five million Kinects.

Kinect—essentially Microsoft’s answer to the once unstoppable Nintendo Wii—does not employ any game controllers. Instead, players user their arms, legs, and sometimes entire bodies as human controllers to play games on the Kinect, such as Dance Central.

Those monster early sales are likely being warmly greeted by Chevy, Sprint & T-Mobile, Kinect’s early advertisers, as well as Microsoft’s ad department. as part of a charter campaign involving both the Kinect and Xbox Live, gamers can drive a virtual version of the Chevy Volt.

Microsoft sales execs often tout their ability to sell ad campaigns on three screens as a differentiator (Xbox Live now reaches 25 million subscribers) and the Kinect success will surely give them more ammunition.