Microsoft Mobile Sync Try #3: ActiveSync, WMDC, Zune

Paul Thurrott is documenting his time writing the book “Windows Phone Secrets” on a blog site of the same name ( In a recent blog post, he briefly discusses the app that will be used to sync with Windows Phone 7 phones:
Zune 4.7
That’s right Windows Mobile fans, we won’t have ActiveSync (which some called “Active Stink”) or WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) to kick around anymore. And, yes, you read right that the Zune desktop software will be used to sync a Windows Phone device with a PC. This was mentioned earlier. But, it still take a bit of effort to sync in to an old Windows CE/Windows Mobile user like myself. It reinforces the notion that Windows Phone is indeed the mythical Zune Phone that surface again and again before the Windows Phone announcement in February.
What does this mean for a Windows Phone user? That remains to be seen. Microsoft has had many many sync issues with both ActiveSync and WMDC. I’ve encountered a number of odd syncing issues with the Zune desktop software and my first generation Zune.
Will Microsoft’s third attempt at getting syncing right succeed? Or, will it be three strikes and you’re out!