Microsoft Launching Gamer Pay TV?

TV lovers, particularly gamers, may have yet another reason to ditch cable.

Microsoft is said to be exploring a pay-TV service that would be available on Web-enabled devices such as the massively popular Xbox 360 gaming console, according to Reuters.

The software giant has had discussions with several major media companies about the possibility of licensing TV networks, which it could then deliver to subscribers for a monthly fee, per Reuters. The proposed service—were it to come to fruition—would likely be a year away, according to Reuters’ reports.

Were Microsoft to succeed in landing content from several major TV networks, it would have a massive launching pad to introduce a new pay TV platform: Xbox Live. That subscription service, where gamers already stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, reaches over 25 million users across the globe.

Xbox Live is also likely to grow this year, as Microsoft’s Kinect continues to fly off the shelves.

The company sold 1 million units of the motion-based gaming add during its first 10 days on the market.