Microsoft Bluetrack Mouse Technology Very Good Even Without Bluetooth

I bought my first netbook in August 2008 and have never looked back. While I am not a frequent traveler, all four of my conference trips since then have been with a netbook. I’m currently in the middle of the quasi-annual Microsoft MVP Summit conference and have felt very productive with my Eee PC netbook. I bought a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 early yesterday morning for my netbook.

The interesting thing about this mouse is that it uses Microsoft’s Bluetrack technology which uses a blue LED light source that lets it work on more kinds of surfaces than laser based mice (mouses?). Anyone who has found a glass top table in their hotel room knows about the problem of using laser and other optical mice on such a surface. Bluetrack, however, is not supposed to have this problem.

This mini-mouse is very comfortable to hold and use. And, while I have not tried a glass surface yet, the mouse does seem to track very well on a variety of surfaces.

The mouse comes with a RF USB-nano-dongle for its wireless communication. I found it someone ironic and disappointed that it was not paired with Bluetooth technology for wireless device pairing.