MicroSD Flash Cards Hitting 32GB Capacity Soon

Here’s something that may surprise you: I really don’t like MicroSD cards.

– They are too small to handle easily
– They are easy to lose and hard to find
– They are hard to put into a card reader
– It is annoying to use an SD sleeve to with an SD card reader
– They cost more that equivalent sized SD cards (though that is changing) and a lot more than the nearly extinct but cost effective CF cards

But, it looks like the MicroSD is the defacto standard external memory option for smartphones. So, if I have to keep using them, it is good to know that they are available in sizes up to 32GB now…

IntoMobile: Samsung Announces First 32 GB MicroSD Memory Cards

I wonder how the 32GB MicroSD will be priced though. I bet the word “ouch” will be uttered when we hear the price.

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