Michael Lewis: Most Popular Passages

bigshort.jpgHundreds of Amazon users have underlined passages in Michael Lewis’s new book, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine–focusing almost exclusively on the author’s thoughts about loans.

Negative Amazon Kindle critics overwhelmed the reviews section for the book in March, urging customers to boycott his book for its lack of a Kindle edition. Now that the Kindle edition is out, readers have been underlining passages throughout the book.

Our Popular Passages feature uses Amazon’s Most Highlighted Books list to track the most underlined parts of bestselling books. In Lewis’ book, 325 Kindle users pondered this passage: “How do you make poor people feel wealthy when wages are stagnant? You give them cheap loans.”

Next, 270 eBook readers highlighted this: “Any business where you can sell a product and make money without having to worry how the product performs is going to attract sleazy people.”

Finally, 204 Kindle users underlined this shocking bit: “In Bakersfield, California, a Mexican strawberry picker with an income of $14,000 and no English was lent every penny he needed to buy a house for $724,000.”