A New Michael Jackson Music Video Will Premier on Twitter

A New Michael Jackson Music Video Will Premier on Twitter

Even after death, Michael Jackson captures the world’s imagination in creative ways. His music video for “A Place With No Name” will debut on Twitter and in Times Square in New York late Wednesday.

“A Place With No Name” is the second single released since Jackson’s death, following “Love Never Felt So Good” featuring Justin Timberlake. The first single reached number one in 17 countries around the world. Both songs are from the posthumously released album XSCAPE, which rocketed to number one in 52 countries.

“A Place With No Name” will be the first music video to premier on Twitter, according to the Michael Jackson website.

On Wednesday August 13th, Jackson fans can tune in to the music video by following @MichaelJackson. The account will tweet the short film, directed by Nirvana and The Rolling Stones director Samuel Bayer, accompanying the song at precisely 10:00pm ET.

At the same time, the video will debut on the huge Sony screen in the center of Times Square in New York.

In order to build up anticipation to the video’s debut, a preview will be unveiled during the airing of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance at 8pm ET. Contestants will compete using different Michael Jackson songs.

“A Place With No Name” was recorded by Jackson in 1998 at Record Plant Recording Studio, and the video features clips of Jackson shot during production for the “In The Closet” short film.

(XSCAPE image via MichaelJackson.com)