Mic Is Launching a New Finance Channel to Give Millennials a Crash Course on Money

'The Payoff' is here just in time for your New Year's resolution

Mic knows you're ready to get your finances in order, and it's here to help. Today, Mic is teaming up with Discover to launch a new channel, The Payoff, to help its millennial audience learn more about taking control of their personal finances.

"Every time we write about something in the financial space, even the simple 'how-tos,' it does really well," Cory Haik, Mic's chief strategy officer, told Adweek. "We listened to what our audience responded to and decided to create The Payoff."

Last spring, Mic launched its Money vertical, and its audience followed. The editorial team created posts covering everything from student debt to how to buy your first car. 

As a new digital channel, The Payoff will exist on many of Mic's platforms in a variety of ways, so the content can reach people "where they are," explained Haik. You can find The Payoff as a podcast, video series, interactive online products and as a refreshed newsletter in addition to consistent editorial pieces online.

From student loans to early investments, The Payoff wants to help you on your financial journey.

Discover is sponsoring The Payoff as the brand continues to explore new ways of reaching younger markets. While participating as a sponsor and lending some of its financial expertise, there will still be a strong "separation of church and state," Haik said, referring to keeping the editorial department's articles in connection with the sponsorship.

Mostly, Discover is here to enable the Mic team to do what it does best: continue to experiment and iterate based on what its audience tells them.

"Whether embarking on a new career, building credit or sizing up a big purchase, there is a lot to learn and to navigate for young consumers when it comes to their finances," said Jennifer Murillo, Discover's vp of brand communications in a press release. "The Payoff will be there to help by delivering useful and compelling content across a variety of platforms."

The Payoff will, ideally, appeal to people recently entering the world of savings, trying to eliminate student debt or who are trying to figure out how to use Mint for the first time as a part of a well-intentioned New Year's resolution.

"As this generation grows up, begin to start families of their own, buy homes and save for the future, finance is a sector that is of growing importance to millennials," said Haik. "As Mic grows up with its audience, this kind of content is in perfect alignment with our brand."

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