Snapchat and Yo! Gaining Popularity With Publishers

Readers hate push notifications from apps, so many publishers are flocking to messaging apps to reach their audience.

On Sunday morning, the New York Times app sent out a strange, non-urgent push notification that had media professionals snarking over their coffee. Push notifications from apps are annoying, but text messages aren’t. It’s all in our heads, because they’re basically doing the same thing: interrupting our day with an important message.


Digiday reported that more organizations are flocking to messaging apps to solve that problem. NowThis has been on Snapchat for over a year. And they didn’t stop there. Lucia Moses writes:

NowThis has been using Snapchat for over a year. Its most recent foray into the messaging world has been with 7-month-old Yo!, which serves the simple purpose of sending two-character messages. Recently, Yo! claimed 150,000 daily active user. And because links can be sent in the app, interest from publishers from The Wall Street Journal to BuzzFeed has been high. In the first day of using it in August, NowThis saw a 4,000 percent growth in Yo! subscribers.

NowThis has also had success on one-to-one mobile messaging app Kik. Getting in early has its rewards; NowThis has 200,000 followers on Kik, more than its Twitter base of 139,000. NowThis also was early in adapting Snapchat, which lets users share temporary photos and short videos.

The BBC, too, recently got in on the action with WhatsApp and their coverage of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. It makes sense: You can share links, users already have it downloaded and it’s pretty much free to get your word out.

All the cool kids are on Snapchat; someone should break the news to The Grey Lady.