Messaging App reTXT Launches on iOS, Android

The reTXT messaging app allows users to edit or delete sent messages, as well as request clarification for a message with a swipe.


Developer reTXT Labs has announced the launch of its reTXT messaging app on iOS and Android devices. The app looks to replace a phone’s standard messaging app with a platform giving users more control over the messages they send, even after they’ve been delivered.

The reTXT app follows the popular trend of allowing users to delete messages already sent to another user, but if a message simply has a typo or error, it can also be edited, rather than deleted. In addition, if someone receives a message they don’t understand, a swipe will flag the message, requesting clarification from the sender.

The app supports the ability to leave and join group chats at will, and to name group chats for better organization of messages. In all, users can send images, videos, audio clips, locations and contact information with others, as well as standard text messages.

In a statement, reTXT Labs co-founder and CEO, Kevin Wooten, commented on the app:

The tools we provide make texting and messaging easier for the person who communicates privately with family, friends and colleagues every single day. Consumers have overwhelmingly chosen text messaging as the preferred choice for mobile communications, yet they actually have little control over their messages thanks to autocorrecting tools and the lack of ability to easily fix errors leading to miscommunication. reTXT’s editing features put users in control of their text conversations, while end-to-end encryption makes messaging truly secure for the first time.

The reTXT app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. New users receive a 60-day free trial to the service, while a one year subscription costs $0.99. The app is coming soon to Windows Phone.