Messaging app Backdoor rebranded as Backchat, launches for Android


Teen-created messaging app Backdoor has officially changed its name to Backchat, as the popular (and free) iOS app heads to Android.

Backchat enables users to send anonymous messages to friends, with the recipient trying to guess the identity of their “secret messenger.” Free clues are provided to help reveal the sender, with additional clues made available via in-app purchase.

Back_300The app was designed by 14-year-old Daniel Singer, who secured $200,000 in seed funding back in December. The technology behind the app has already been granted two U.S. patents, with additional patents pending relating to “anonymous communication between users.”

“After the initial success of Backdoor, I knew that there was strong demand for an app of this unique nature, so we made improvements to make the app even more user friendly, developed the Android version and renamed the app to Backchat to symbolize the back and forth nature of this new form of communication,” said Singer. “The new Backchat is all about fun and discovery, as users interact in a way that allows them to express their thoughts while having fun with the process.

“As a 14 year old, I see on a daily basis how teens communicate and I was able to put that first-hand knowledge to use to create an app that appeals to this demographic, while also having interest to anyone that likes messaging.”

Will Backchat’s popularity continue to rise with the re-branding and Android launch? Follow the progress on AppData and see if this messaging app has what it takes to be a major player in the space.