Meow Mix Takes Things Too Far With Mobile Sound Booth

We get the trippy video clips. But the mobile singalong?

Meow Mix is cat food.

To promote this brand of cat food, a mobile sound booth is traveling around New York City giving people the opportunity to sing the Meow Mix jingle. The words to this jingle are “Meow. Meow.”

This is the sort of thing that makes us question our sanity.

To start, Meow Mix released the loco video above, which, to its credit, is at least hella funny. There is precedence for this sort of psychedelic interpretive cat food marketing. Friskies has been doing it for years.

According to this think piece published in Slate a few years ago, this clip is a visual rendering of what happens in a cat’s brain when wet food is opened and served.

The EDM version takes that to the next level and taps into a music trend. OK, we’ll go along with that.

But this mobile booth just doesn’t seem relevant. And yet, they somehow managed to get Kellie Pickler, the country music/Dancing With The Stars contestant who got her start on American Idol, to join in. Well, I guess if you’re a cat lover and you like making money, you can be convinced to participate. But it’s unclear how this relates to cats or a cat owner’s relationship to their pet. It’s one of those things that, when you stumble upon it, makes you sing along for a minute, snap a photo for social media, but ultimately go, “Huh?”

Even when you’re taking your branding into new territory, there should be a thread that links it to the core of what you’re selling. The Meow Mix jingle, for all its simplicity, is iconic. But that doesn’t mean we want to party to it in the streets. Or maybe you do? If so and you’re in the New York area, you can swing by the booth today and tomorrow.