Mental Floss Wants Quirky, Off-Beat Product Pitches and the Stories Behind Them

Mental Floss is the academic junk drawer of odds and ends of information, origin stories and occasionally the “random things Billy Murray does,” as digital managing editor Erin McCarthy put it. So it makes sense that editors want publicists to come to them with quirky and off-beat products.

Editor-in-chief Jessanne Collins and her staff work regularly with publicists in the fields of travel, books, and spirits and liquor. But, it is not as simple as just pitching an eccentric product. Said Collins:

“There has to be some sort of smart, weird or quirky hook to any hotel or restaurant pitch, and similar with spirits; it’s not just about making a drink, it’s about learning about the history of the spirit and some of the interesting facts and context.”

Collins and her team stressed the importance of understanding the voice of the magazine and its aesthetic. “It’s really about just being familiar with what we do and the types of things we cover, as well as the angles we cover things from,” said Collins.

For more pitching tips and editors’ contact information, read: How To Pitch: Mental Floss.

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