Andrew Russo

Summer Internships Are Ending and the Quest for Full-time Work Begins for Graduates

As summer comes to a close, so do my internships at Mediabistro and Guideposts. Now the looming fear of unemployment is once again fresh upon me (and probably a good […]

Bustle Seeks Writers to Pitch Shareable Social Content for Its Young Female Demo

Just over a year old, Bustle is the women’s lifestyle website that blends hard news with stories about the injustice of Orange Is the New Black’s Emmy snub. The site […]

Networking Can Be Hard for Interns, But These Tips Can Make It Easier

Last week was Mediabistro’s intern party at Turtle Bay, and if you missed it, you missed out. And not only because the music was better than at most bars. It […]

Anne-Marie O’Neill’s Journey From Newspapers to People to

It is a difficult task to move halfway across the world. However, Anne-Marie O’Neill did just that when she left Time in Sydney, Australia, to begin working at People in New […]

SEO and Other Terms to Know for Digital Media Success

As print publications continue to close shop or move content entirely to the Web, more and more writers and editors will need to adapt to the digital landscape. And with […]

The News Changes Every Day, and the People Who Report It Change Too

My responsibilities at Mediabistro include adding job moves to The Revolving Door listings and updating the Mastheads for magazines. Over the weeks I have been here, I’ve noticed I’ve noticed a […]

Sports Illustrated for Kids Seeks Stories on Young, Local Athletes

For sports writers looking to pitch to Sports Illustrated for Kids, their best bet at a byline might be finding a story in their own hometown. Instead of proposing a […]

Pitch Travel Stories With a Strong Journalistic Hook to Roads & Kingdoms

In a world of listicles and quizzes, Roads & Kingdoms, launched in 2012, seeks to fill a void in travel journalism with a focus on in-depth reporting of destinations. Instead of […]

When to Take an Unpaid Media Internship?

No one likes to hear the words “unpaid internship.” It carries with it the connotation of a glorfied coffee runner or file clerk that can be abused or manipulated into […]

New You Seeks Freelancers Who’ve Covered the Medical Beat

The mission of New You, a new lifestyle magazine for women that targets the often-underserved 35-and-up demographic, is “providing credible and accurate information on how to be relevant as you age,” […]