Men vs. Women for Facebook Puts a Militaristic Spin on the Battle of the Sexes

Social Empires developer Social Point has rolled out its latest Facebook release, Men vs. Women. This strategy title pits members of the opposite sex against one another in a literal war to determine who will rule the world. It launched in late November.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Men vs. Women currently has 520,000 monthly active users and 110,000 daily active users.

Men vs. Women is a military strategy title inspired by Zynga’s Empires & Allies. It’s set in the future, where women (or men, if you decide to play as a woman) have taken over the Earth and forced men into slavery. A group of men decide to fight back to reclaim the planet, and do so by building bases, raising an army, and, ultimately, destroying women (or vice versa). It’s an out of the ordinary concept, for sure, but definitely takes a turn for the weird when an army of men — however cartoon-like — are depicted shooting an army of women.

In the game, players initially build their own military base, complete with training centers for troops, houses for workers, and buildings that produce offensive weapons such as tanks and attack helicopters. They’re also able to chop down trees, mine, and refine oil into fuel, all materials that are needed to build more of their war machine. Performing actions requires energy, which recharges over time or through micro-transactions, but rewards players with gold and experience points. When players accumulate enough experience points, they level up and have access to more items and deco to purchase, while also receiving the premium currency, dollars, and energy refills.

Once they’ve purchased/trained some troops and vehicles, they can engage in simple real-time strategy style combat by selecting their units and clicking on enemy troops/vehicles to attack. Players can also build defensive measures to help fend off attackers, even when they’re away from the game. After they reach a certain level, players can go on quests and seek out other players to do battle with.

Social features span the usual array of adding friends, sending/receiving gifts, and bragging about accomplishments via viral channels. Players can also visit their friends and collect bonuses once per day.

Social Point is monetizing Men vs. Women through the use of Facebook Credits to purchase additional premium currency, as well as premium some premium buildings, vehicles, units, and deco items.

You can follow Men vs. Women’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

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