Memo From Kurtz To D.C. Re: Snow — Deal

While Howard Kurtz covered a lot of ground today in his weekly chat, he has never spoken words more true to Fishbowl’s ears than his discussion of the snow currently falling outside our window:

Manassas, Va.: What do you think about all of this weather hysteria the weathermen cause?…

Howard Kurtz: Washington is the most incompetent snow city on the planet, and local TV can turn a few flakes into a paralyzing storm. The one forecast last weekend never, um, materialized. I’ll withhold judgment on this one until I see how evening rush hour goes.


Washington, D.C.: I agree that 6″ of snow shouldn’t shut the schools or the city down. However, there are two things to consider. School districts have been sued by parents for endangering their children by opening schools when snow was predicted. The other thing to consider are the area drivers, many of whom never have driven in snow or never were properly educated how to drive in snow.

Howard Kurtz: Well, maybe it’s about time they learned. My sources say that it will snow here EVERY YEAR for decades, at least until global warming gets worse.

He also took questions on Gannon, CBS, the lots of stuff about online vs. dead tree news.