Mel Gibson & David Foster Wallace: Top 5 Stories of the Week

Some critics worry that smartphones and tablet computers will ruin our ability to focus on long form material. To fight this trend, we will have the editors of pick an essay for your weekend reading pleasure every week.

Last week (we ended up posting a little late!), editors Aaron Lammer and Max Linsky picked “My Mother’s Killer” by James Ellroy in the July 1994 issue of GQ. Four more stories follow below.

Here’s more about the pick: “She was last seen leaving a pickup bar, her body was found the next morning in the dirt beside a football field. He was ten. Thirty-six years later, the author investigates his mother’s murder.”

The Rude Warrior
Inside Mel Gibson’s descent from star to pariah.
Peter Biskind | Vanity Fair | March 2011

David Foster Wallace Interviewed by Dave Eggers
“My own plan for the coming fourteen months is to knock on doors and stuff envelopes. Maybe even to wear a button.”
The Believer | Nov 2003

Queen of the Mommy Bloggers
Heather Armstrong has more than 1.5 million Twitter followers and a personal blog generating $30,000-$50,000 monthly.
Lisa Belkin | NYT Magazine | Feb 2011

The Choke Artist
The wild, sad story of Henry Heimlich and the anonymous critic out to ruin his legacy.
Jason Zengerle | The New Republic | Apr 2007