Meet Your Virtual Friends: Google, LinkedIn, Twitter And Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

She’s smart and unique, with a big mouth and lots of connections. She’s Twitter, and she’s one of four that this infographic from LinkingR details as being your best virtual friends out there.

You might not think of them all as friends, but that’s what they are, on some level at least. The networks you engage with online all have different “personalities” of sorts, and they need to be understood in order for you to harness them more effectively.

Take Google for instance. He’s “The Tricky One” according to this infographic, and he’s especially adept at searching for information (obviously). But he’s also quite good at figuring out pretty much everything about you, and he’ll remember everything you tell him – for a long, long time.

In order to be “good friends” with Google, the folks at LinkingR have some suggestions: be well-behaved on websites that are search engine friendly, complete your Google Profile (even if you don’t have a Gmail account), and if you’re planning on signing up for Google+, make sure you’re active.

And then there’s Twitter. She’s the friend who gossips, and makes a lot of noise. However, she has her limits, and if you tell her the right things she’ll hook you up with the right followers.

If you want to stay on her good side, be sure to have a theme for what you’re going to tweet, offer meaningful content and continually learn from others.

Take a look at the infographic below for more on how you can befriend your virtual friends, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (click to enlarge):

(Top image: Adam Radosavljevic via Shutterstock)