Meet The Social Times Team: I'm Azam and I Breathe Social Games

Hi, I’m Azam Khan and I cover the social gaming industry here at Social Times. From the latest news of mergers and acquisitions in the social gaming industry to the lucid details of new games, you can catch me delving into the crux of one of the most rapidly evolving industries of our times. It’s hard to know what will happen next; predictions are as valuable as dreams are. With that said, I’d like to share a bit about me and how I found myself navigating the social gaming industry waters here at Social Times.

I grew up in the digital age. My nurturing since infancy involved toys and games that not only accelerated my learning but sparked my curiosity   about what is fun. Having owned multiple gaming systems, I found myself introspectively analyzing the reasons why I play and what sort of pleasure I get from playing games. With the advent and affordability of cable modems, I was connected constantly to the web at a time mostly those who had America Online only knew about such a feeling. In the late summer nights I would chat for hours, engaging in text-based games over the chat that rendered me in a chimeric mindset, away from the biological hassles of tween adaptation.
As an avid gamer and online social enthusiast, I was daily engaging in synchronous and asynchronous play with both friends and strangers from around the globe. Much of my time in college was spent pondering the innovative potential of the web. The marriage of my interests and knowledge eventually culminated into the world of Facebook, complete with social connectivity and narcissism that was best displayed through my Word Challenge score, a word based, leaderboard driven game by Playfish.
For work, I dealt with development of Facebook apps for brands and clients that wanted to go for the gold with social apps and games such as RPGs. Working with teams to develop these games empowered me to understand the nuances of this industry including monetization and virility. Foreign to the world of real-time data, I realized the potential of gaming on the web as it would be driven by rapid iterations and adaptation to the community, especially as it could be developed for low costs. As a person endeavor, I decided to analyze the virtual goods setup of Playfish’s Gangster City and then emailed Neil Vidyarthi, who asked me to compose something simpler. The rest is history.
Asides from writing at Social Times I also am a social media strategist and work with agencies, brands and entrepreneurs to launch initiatives that leverage that latest in mobile and social technologies and best practices ranging from game mechanics to location-based initiatives. Feel free to reach out to me at if you need any kind of apps or games developed, whether for iPhone, Android, Facebook or other platforms. Thanks for your viewership!