Meet CNN's Social Media Guy Josh Levs

PBS’ MediaShift profiles CNN correspondent Josh Levs who is the network’s on-air social media guru. Levs, based at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters reports on social media and tech trends as well as on how social media and traditional media cover the same story in different ways. In addition to segments for CNN, Levs’ stories can be seen on local stations who subscribe to CNN’s Newssource.

One of the most social media-savvy journalists in broadcast news, the Murrow-award winner and Yale grad has carved out a niche both in complex international and economic stories, and fun, offbeat features such as his weekly “Viral Video Rewind” segment. (Anchor Kyra Phillips last month called him one of CNN’s “premier Facebookers.”) But social media isn’t just about getting information out there — it’s also about bringing it in.