Medio’s “Behavioral Targeting,” Flipped Upside Down

Medio’s chief advertising officer, Omar Tawakol, offers up some comments on behavioral targeting (BT), a form of advertising that allows vendors to find customers based on their surfing patterns.

In the case of mobile phones, he says that Medio engages in a kind of BT model “in reverse,” mining the rich data that phone users provide to carriers. Then they deliver ads to the consumer that actually look like real content. For example, if you run a search on “movie tickets,” and Medio serves up ads for places to buy them, that in effect delivers the desired results. Sort of.

Of course, the real data points of interest here – which carriers provide what kinds of data, or whether or not you should stop using your phone for anything due to a deluge of advertising – aren’t disclosed.

Can Mobile Shift BT Into Reverse?