Medio Launches On-Deck Portal for the Masses

In a move to make it easier for more users to have quick access to news, sports scores, weather and other timely content, Medio Systems has come out with an on-deck portal. According to FierceMobileContent, the Medio On-Deck Portal “search-and-discover” tool promises one-click access to info that’s important to the user.

Unlike a lot of the whiz-bang mobile apps being announced lately, Medio”s solution doesn’t require an expensive smartphone. Despite its graphical user interface, the Medio On-Device Portal actually works on inexpensive “feature phones,” the type that, according to Medio CEO Brian Lent, are still being used by 89% of mobile subscribers in the US.

T-Mobile is the first carrier to offer the service and will embed it on the Nokia 6263 and Motorola RAZR II.