MediaFLO TV Amps Up Fall Lineup

MediaFLO USA, the broadcast mobile TV provider for AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers in 58 metropolitan areas nationwide, is offering a larger variety of shows from CBS, Fox, MTV Networks and NBC Universal this fall in an effort to attract more advertising to the nascent platform, MediaPost reports.

The report listed new shows such as NBC’s “Knight Rider” and “My Own Worst Enemy” and CBS’ “The Ex List,” plus new episodes of returning shows including CBS’ “CSI”, Fox’s “Prison Break,” MTV Networks’ “Run’s House” and Comedy Central’s “South Park.”

What we’d like to see is lower prices across the board for mobile TV access—that would spike customer adoption, especially in cases like this where cell phone subscribers would need to trade in their phones in order to get one with a built-in TV tuner. In turn, that would drive up advertising opportunities.