Media Miscellutiae

  • She’ll make you a magazine you can’t refuse: Today Keith Kelly reports that the dubiously-diagnosed Victoria Gotti is planning to launch a magazine called “Red Carpet Living” (not to be confused with the one contemplated by her brother, “Orange Jumpsuit Living”). Doesn’t look like it’s beyond the planning stages though. [NYP]
  • It’s raining, it’s pouring, the September print ads are boring Simon Dumenco to tears…. Over at AdAge,Media Guy Simon Dumenco thinks Demi Moore is hot, can appreciate a topless Juliette Lewis, and does not get excited about androgynous Calvin Klein models lolling in a glamorized puddle. Sigh. Oh, Septmeber print ads, why must you disappoint him so? You’re so not worth schlepping that Vogue around for. Yet hope springs eternal; if you can show him a truly inspiring print ad, he’ll bequeath unto you a bag o’ media guy swag. “Bag o’ Media Guy Swag” sounds like it could inspire quite a print ad itself. Something about a cowboy hat…[AdAge]
  • We’re not the only ones talking about “The Daily Show” (just the most Fareed-tastic and Bump-o-licious). BusinessWeek has deconstructed the new set and analyzed how its new couchless splendor has made Jon more authoritative and given him the confidence to go forth as newsmaker, not just newsfaker. As always, the Daily Brass demur (Ben Karlin says it’s purely accidental and Jon’s no different) but here and at BusinessWeek, we know the difference. Except at BusinessWeek they talk about moldings and sconces and stuff and, well, we just like it when Samantha Bee interviews cute boys.[BusinessWeek]
  • Attention must be paid, Bert Fields…please? Our lonely, lonely cousin at FishbowlLA needs a friend – and he’d like it to be &#252ber-lawyer Bert Fields, who has been sending love notes repeatedly to Defamer for allegedly impugning the good name of &#252ber-client Tom Cruise, most recently known for &#252ber-loving Katie Holmes. We’re popular enough already, frankly, so we’ll leave our Tom Cruise coverage at that. [FishbowlLA]