Media Miscellany: 05.20.2005

What he wouldn’t give to be in her shoes: The New York Post goes off on NY Daily News editor Michael Cooke again, stubbornly maintaining that Cooke has a raging foot fetish that he parades across the pages of his paper. Despite Cooke’s objections, a former staffer of his at the Chicago Sun-Times had gone on record as saying he was obsessed with women’s feet and the shoes that snugly encase them. We knew this a few weeks ago, and were actually hoping to get a foot massage out of it. But thanks, Page Six, for reminding everyone else. Now we’ll have to stand in line for the sweet relief of Michael’s healing hands. (I’m sorry Mr. Cooke, I totally don’t know you.) [Page Six]

Jon Friedman lurves someone whose name rhymes with Schmen Schmauletta: We get it: Ken Auletta is a masterly writer who can do no wrong. Jon, I’d like to see this love expressed in a mixtape. I’d suggest “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” and “I’ll Stop The World (And Melt With You).” Oh, Ken Auletta, our love holds on, holds on. [MarketWatch]

Morley Safer cares about The American Landscape: HuffPo isn’t the only place to find famous names! The NYT letters page may not be some fancy blog with links to very personal toys, but Morley Safer likes it just fine for protesting Wal-Mart heir Alice Walton’s $35 million painting, saying that her little arty trinket was bought with the sweat of broken families and the dirt of America rent asunder. Wow, he cares so much about this country! (and probably this one, considering he was born there). Oh, Morley Safer, our love holds on, holds on.[NYT Letters]