Media Miscellany: 05.06.2005

The New York Times knows where its bread is buttered, so they’re making their website even better! New features include better navigability and a bigger and better MEL for comparing the popularity of cheese to how our MoDo is doing this week (not as well as ugly kids, but what can you do?)

Eric Alterman to Robert Novak: Consider it Broughten In his column in this week’s The Nation, Eric Alterman pulls on the gloves to take on Plame-revealer Robert Novak, castigating him re: the Matt/Judy matter and saying that “much of Novak’s journalistic career has taken place in a[n]…insulated ethics-free zone.” The two face off in person at the (deep breath) 5th Annual Arthur N. Rupe Great Debate at the University of California, Santa Barbara on May 25th, slashing each other to bloody bits over “The American News Media–Liberal or Conservative Bias?” Not much to say on that one.

And by the way, Thomas Friedman, that’s quite a mustache. Times Op-Ed world-flattener Thomas Friedman is surprised at how many people watch Jon Stewart. I think he wrote some other stuff but honestly, I was distracted by the mustache. That thing is mesmerizing. It’s like it’s alive.