Media Minutiae: “When Isn’t Love Primitive? A Wild Gift That You Wanna Give, Especially To The Cable Guy” Edition

  • Ja-a-ane, doesn’t think a mag can ever be faithful: More on the Jane-leaves-Jane-what-does-that-mean-for-Jane-and-Jane’s-Jane front with the latest from Folio, which alleges that Jane Pratt was pushed out of her namesake mag by the top Fairchild brass. Apparently she “tearfully” told staffers to “read between the lines” at a meeting; Kremlinologist types can find clues to the mag brass’ nefarious plot in her past editor’s letters. Jane Pratt contributed a lot to her industry; we hope she left her baby feeling proud and happy and ready to go. We may have quoted from Barenaked Ladies, but we’re thinking Velvet Underground all the way. [Folio]
  • Time Out New York “Eat Out” editor Maile Carpenter is leaving TONY and taking her rarefied palate with her over to “Rachael Ray Every Day,” where she’s the new Features Editor starting Monday after next. Her trusty deputy James Cury will be taking over, and Heather Tierney will take over for James. We hope one of her first duties as editor will be to correct the spelling of her boss’ name – what’s with the “a”? Good luck and congratulations, Maile!
  • Amazon to sell authors short: Ten years young, and Amazon is now a publisher! The company finally unwrapped a program that showcases, and sells short magazine-like work from established authors. “Amazon Shorts” For the bargain-basement-less-than-a-cup-of-bad-bodega-coffee price of 49 cents, customers can get “never-before-seen short works from a wide variety of well-known authors” like Kevin Anderson, Ann Beattie, Terry Brooks, Richard Rhodes, Danielle Steel and Gloria Vanderbilt, served up single-serving style for your iTune-addled brain. By the way, sorry that title is so lame, I was trying to think of a song with “Amazon” in it but all that would come to me was “shooting at the walls of heartache, bang bang, I am The Warrior.” If you can think of the song I’m missing, send it on in. Heart to heart you’ll win, if you survive. [PW](with Annie Karni)
  • The printed word on the cheap, take two: Granta Magazine and Books owner Rea Hederman has gone public with his dreams of retirement and his sorrow that not a single family member is even feigning interest in taking over where he plans to leave off (apparently Hederman Jr. has become a conservative playa of sorts over at the Heritage Foundation). So that leaves Hederman Numero Uno on the prowl for foreign-blooded buyers. “The ideal scenario would be to find another generous private individual who would buy the company from Rea and let it carry on as it is,” is the company’s official statement on the matter. So, basically they’re in the market for a financier who wants to shovel money into their operation without asking questions. Did we say on the cheap? Oops. Well, can’t blame them for trying. Bloomsbury and Macmillan are emerging as the eager beaver buyers. – Annie Karni
  • Apparently this Jew doesn’t read the New Republic OR The National Review! Oops, I got confused and wrote “New Republic” instead of “National Review” in the previous post. It’s fixed now. Sorry everyone, what can I say, the cable guy was distracting.