Media Minutiae, Ted Koppel’s Final Tuesday, With Morrie or Anyone Else Edition

Ted Koppel, For The Last Time.jpg

  • Last night was Ted Koppel‘s final “Nightline,” in which he broadcast one of his most popular interviews, the 1995 interview with the late Morrie Schwartz, the subject of wannabe-prescient Detroit sportswriter Mitch Albom‘s “Tuesdays With Morrie.” TVNewser has all sorts of Koppel Koverage&#8482 ; apparently the man’s exit was a helluva lot classier than Fishbowl’s latest trademarked catchphrase. [TVNewser]
  • “Trust me. The transition from one anchor to another is not that big a deal.” Ted Koppel closed his broadcast with that sentiment; PBS’ Jim Lehrer agrees.
  • Have an eggroll, Mr. Goldston: Ted also says to give the new Nightline team, headed by executive producer Jim Goldston, a chance. Goldston says so too. I know, we could have included that in the above bullet but we couldn’t pass up that headline.
  • Now you don’t need to watch the trailer to get the entire plot of a movie beforehand… because movie “reviewers” will faithfully get it all down for your viewing pleasure and utter non-surprise. Oh well. At least the NYO‘s Andrew Sarris leaves the final, thrilling climax to our imagination, all five minutes of it. [NYO]
  • Scalia – 1, Franken – 0: Say what you will about Scalia, dude didn’t get where he is because he ain’t smart. ‘Sokay Al, you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and dammit, you’ve got a lot of time to practice before hitting the campaign trail. [NYP]
  • At long last, a Judy Miller-free zone! I think we all breathed a little sigh of relief to see Judith Miller knocked off the front page of the NYO this week (none perhaps so heavily as the beleaguered Observer team dogging her every move). I’m sure she’s happy about it too, as she sits up in Sag Harber wondering how to spend her pots of money. [NYO]
  • Who said the age of the anchor was dead? Swimsuit models to the rescue! (NB We’re just going according to what gets more prominence in the article; Lara Logan‘s early job as a swimsuit model is mentioned five paragraphs before her high school start in journalism.) [NYT]