Media Minutiae, Someone May Have Overslept Edition

  • Oh, Family Circle, how could you? Over at AdAge, Nat Ives and his pretty blue eyes reports on the latest magazine circulation scandal implicating Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle and House Beautiful whose numbers were misrepresented by the now-prohibited Ebsco Consumer Magazine Services subscription agent. Two weeks ago, Ebsco’s Business Week numbers had been shown to be inflated. We never trusted that Ebsco, we always thought they had a shifty look about them. Nat crunches numbers; we’d understand them if his eyes weren’t so damn bewitching. [AdAge]
  • Shine on, you crazy Diamond: As our cousin TVNewser first reported, Court TV will not be renewing Jacko-nemesis Diane Diamond’s contract, but she tells Lloyd Grove that she’s relieved to have a break, especially in anticipation of her MJ book, “Be Careful Who You Love” comes out (I think a better title would have been “When A Lie Becomes The Truth” but that’s never really been her slant, verdict notwithstanding, hmmm?). Diamond claims that she’s a lighting-rod for criticism because she has a “really high BS meter”; Lloyd doesn’t need to brag about the size of his BS meter when he’s got the belt buckle, but even so, his is buzzing, ’cause if she was such a “tremendous asset” to Court TV, why are they cutting her loose? We don’t know but we’d bet that in the future Diamond will remember to always think twice. [NYDN]
  • We want our Bleep TV: Apparently the FCC is girding for battle against the filthy, foul-mouthed, godless heathens smutting up the nations pristine airwaves. We agree; when Simon had premarital sex on “Seventh Heaven” a little part of us died. Actually, is it me or is the creep factor of all this stuff rising steadily? Justice Sunday, Pat Robertson (died down rather quickly, didn’t it?), that whole creepy PBS-surveillance thing and now this. Thank goodness, though, TV violence appears to be safe. [Salon]