Media Minutiae, Playing Catch-Up edition

LA 025.jpgThe 24-hour news cycle never sleeps; it’s amazing what can happen in two days. We’ll try for a cross-section of the important stuff.

  • Starting with New York media on the Daily Show! Not only did Tyler Gray of Radar and Sue Rozdeba of Star Magazine opine last night on rumor and innuendo as it pertains to celeb reporting, but the previous night FishFriend John Hodgman was the guest of honor. We haven’t seen it yet but we’re guessing that Wednesday was also about DC media too, judging by the Woodward-free zone on the Daily Show last night. Unlike the blogosphere, natch (give it up for the great work done by our own FishbowlDC!).
  • Yes, we have no pajamas: OMG, Pajamas Media has changed its name to OSM, aka “Open Source Media.” Which is a FAR cooler name. [PR Newswire]
  • Kent Brownridge leaving Wenner Media: A 31-year partnership between Brownridge and Jann Wenner is coming to a close, and rumor has it that it’s not an amicable one, which is sad. I remember when it was just about the music, man. [MediaWeek]
  • Who will buy this wonderful Balenciaga Old Navy? As it turns out, not who you’d think: Vogue may advertise the hautest of couture but it’s the readership of In Touch who is probably more abe to afford it. Turns out the celeb weekly’s readership has the highest average household income of all celeb weeklies, and beats out Cond&#23# Nast glossies like Vogue and Glamour to boot. Interesting. [AdAge]
  • The world is upside down: Two words: Bob Woodward. And anther word, for good measure: Yowsers. [MB Newsfeed]