Media Minutiae, Pat Robertson Sings Franz Ferdinand Edition

  • David Bradley wants to be swept off his feet, just like the rest of us: Aw. According to Tom Scocca in today’s NYO, the multimillionaire Atlantic owner is looking for the perfect editor for the name-dropping (i.e. Monthly) and location-shifting (i.e. Atlantic) title. Someone who makes him think, someone who makes him laugh, someone with that dash of New Yorker sexiness – what we all want, really. Too bad there are no more star editors floating around, they make EVERYTHING better! [NYO]
  • Michiko Kakutani, Chameleon Columnist: Over at the NYO’s Media Mob, Matt Haber makes an astute connection, noticing that Michiko Kakutani has a habit of appropriating voices for her various book reviews, like she did yesterday. We hadn’t read most of the books she talked about – but we can’t wait for the movies! – but were rather proud that we ID’d the Lucky Santangelo reference from #2. We read kind of a lot of Jackie Collins as a kid. We still feel sad for all that might have been with her and Olympia Stanislopoulos. [NYO]
  • “And if you vote for me, I promise to bring you more Aruba coverage!” FNC ratings-grabber and Bob Costas-irritant Greta Van Susteren’s sister Lise Van Susteren is running for the Senate in Maryland. Lise is a psychiatrist; Lowdown makes a funny Scientologist crack. It’s true, we haven’t had many Tom Cruise jokes lately, though apparently the Raelians really like Rosie O’Donnell. [NYDN]
  • But what exactly does this mean for 11 Spring Street? Apparently Roger Ailes has moved into Lachlan Murdoch’s old office, left permanently vacant by Lach so he could splash around in Sydney with his unpronounceable company. The only thing that remains is for Ailes to get a hot new tattoo. [NYO redux – yes, it’s Wednesday, people]
  • And, to take us all out: It’s just too, too beautifully coincidental to play a song for a call for an assassination whose title makes a clear reference to assassination by a group named for the subject of an assassination. Blog synchronicity doesn’t get any better than this. Sing it, Franz!