Media Minutiae II, Canadian Blog Synchronicity Edition

canflag.jpgIt’s not by design, intelligent or otherwise, but for some reason today is the most Canadianest day ever on Fishbowl. Especially in terms of spelling (we spell things differently up there. Scout’s honour). Okay, I’m going to post as I go because it’s getting late. Stay with me, I’m about to unmask a whole bunch of closet Canadians. Whoo hoo!

  • Big News: Novak’s gonna testify! Except it’s not that Novak; he’s still out there glowering at the world and being evil. However, Time reporter Viveca Novak, from the mag’s DC bureau, is set to go before the grand jury regarding conversations she had with Rove. Back to Rove! Oh what a tangled web they weave when first (and second, and third, and fourth…) they practice to deceive. Viveca Novak is not, to the best of my knowledge, Canadian. False alarm. [Yahoo! News]
  • Of Mag Machers and Managers: AdAge’s Simon Dumenco turns his sharp eye and witty pen to the breakup of Wenner media’s Tweedledum-Tweedledee partnership of Jann Wenner and Kent Brownridge. “The real Wenner story, its unique value proposition among print-media companies, is that an erratic megalomaniac was paired so long, so steadfastly, with a professional manager,” says Dumenco. But what do you really think about Wenner? Don’t hold back. Now Wenner’s alone at the wheel, and God help Men’s Journal. In other news, yes! SIMON DUMENCO IS HALF-CANADIAN! I can’t exactly remember how it works but I think it’s on his Mom’s side. Will update, but the important part is, he’s one of us. [AdAge]
  • 100 Reasons to curl up with a good book: MEL‘s all aflutter about the the NYT’s “100 Notable Books of the Year” which includes our dear Harry Potter, Tom Friedman and his bewitching moustache, the Freakonomics Stephens and their bewitching toes, MoDo’s “Are Men Necessary?” (which may imply that questionably-motivated NYTBR reviews are not), and our old pal David Margolick‘s “Beyond Glory: Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling, and a World on the Brink,” which we like even more because Margolick is…HALF-CANADIAN! (His father hails from Montreal. Bien!). There are 95 other books on the list, including “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx is Burning” by Joshua Mahler, which we included just so we could say “And one for Mahler!” in context. It’s the little things. [NYT]
  • Happy Birthday, Little Jonny Liebowitz! You’re all growed up now, and your name is Jon Stewart. Happy 43rd, big guy! Info courtesy of The Local, which also notes that today is the anniversary of the 1939 passing of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, and, yes, a Canadian. I think that is enough of an excuse for me to meet Paul Shirley. I’m just sayin’. [The Local]
  • NYT + T.O. = 2-getha 4-eva Big day for the New York Times, and for Torontonian readers: for the first time ever, the NYT is going to print the national edition at a location outside the U.S. (i.e. in Toronto), which will beef up distribution to Rochester and Buffalo. Buffalo’s got the spirit, talkin’ proud, talkin’ proud…Rochester, I don’t quite know what you got. But the ferry was a good start. [Crain’s]