Media Minutiae: First Day of August edition

For those of you who don’t quite know where July went, we at FishbowlNY wish to gently ease you into August, month of vacation memos, frantic attempts to wear all those adorable summer tops you splurged on, and the disquieting return of school supplies to Duane Reade (followed in short order by Hallowe’en merchandise, followed in turn by Christmas stuff). I know, can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Jeez, time flies. Accordingly, here are a few news nuggets to infuse you with Yuletide cheer.

  • Page Six reports that Interview Magazine’s recent “score” of a saucy three-page photo spread of Britney and K-Fed Spears wasn’t much of a score at all, considering the pix were offered first to Blender, Elle and Glamour. Blender I can understand, but Elle and Glamour? Can you really see photos of Brit and K-Fed decked out in french maid and cheesy tux in either of those two magazines? Photographer Michelle Kole, friend to the happy couple, is a little out of touch with her market, no? Interview “editrix” (per the saucy Post) Ingrid Sischy conducts the, er, interview, which is sure to be furtively read at magazine stands across the city.
  • In yesterday’s Sunday Styles section, the NYT‘s Denny Lee outs the double-super-secret phone number of hush-hush-except-for-all-the-press new hotspot La Esquina. Yesterday the number was 646-613-8880; today we’re betting it’s something different. In other news, Karl Rove now has Denny Lee on speed dial.
  • TVNewswer rocks a Clash reference in reporting on Katie Couric‘s future on the Today show (i.e. if she’ll stay or if she’ll go to somewhere like CBS to sit in Dan Rather’s vacant anchor chair)(which begets the question: would CBS give it to her or would her years at NBC have just seen her Train in Vain?). If she was considering a job in London that would have made the follow-up Clash reference a lot less clunky, but it doesn’t appear that our Katie is So Bored With The USA. Meanwhile Ken Auletta is Not Down with Katie’s Jennifer Wilbanks interview and thinks she’s deluding herself that it was actual journalism. Wilbanks aside, we wish Katie the best of luck and, like Jeff Zucker, think that Katie Can’t Fail. Props to anyone who can figure out how to fit a “Lost in the Supermarket” reference in there.
  • Journalists accuse other journalists of ripping them off: Howard Kurtz reports five recent incidents. “These are not the cases of blatant plagiarism that have cost a number of reporters and commentators their jobs,” he writes. “And most readers probably don’t care. But in a business that measures scoops by seconds, journalists feel very proprietary about their exclusives — and aren’t shy about crying foul.” (It totally spoils the joke to have to credit this, ripped off in its word-for-word entirety from Romenesko.)
  • Aw! Speaking of, Romenesko liked Esquire’s interview with Dan Rather, too. He even chose two of the quotes that we chose when we wrote about it a week and a half ago! Golly, we’re all glowy now.
  • Gratuitious musical references in honor of Katie Couric.