McRib, The Game

Photo: McDonald's/PRNewsFoto

In case you hadn’t heard, McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib nationwide for three weeks. First introduced in 1982, the sandwich — boneless pork, onions, BBQ sauce, and pickles — is usually only offered here and there at random franchises. Except in Germany where it’s always available and they love David Hasselhoff.

To promote the sandwich, McDonald’s has launched a game on Facebook, “The Quest,” asking players to chart their progress using the #McRib hashtag on Twitter. The Christian Science Monitor suspects that the fast-food chain is trying to drum up a little love from the young people for the usually elusive sandwich.

But the event has generated so much press, it seems McDonald’s doesn’t need to do much. A couple of outlets have even bought the sandwich to give it a taste. Journalism is a grueling job.