McDonald’s: More Than 1 Million Facebook Fans Served

Chick-fil-A and Pizza Hut were the first quick-serve restaurants to gain at least 1 million fans on their Facebook pages, but top fast food burger chain McDonald’s has closed the gap. It hit nearly 1.2 million fans by the end of last week, after adding some 250,000 fans on August 26th, and 400,000 more on August 28th.

Why the massive growth all at once? Quite likely, McDonald’s requested that Facebook fold some large unofficial fan Pages into its official Page. Facebook intends for Pages to be owned by companies themselves, so it has been helping various organizations do this already.

However, that is not to say that unofficial Pages accounted for all of McDonald’s growth. The official Page has been gaining roughly between 5,000 and 20,000 fans on more typical days in August. The steadiness of that growth suggests, first, that many of its “billions and billions served” were satisfied customers who wanted to express their loyalty by joining the page. It also suggests that some of the features on the Page are drawing additional people in.

The company actively posts few updates, and the ones they do post link to full-featured advertisements on its home site. Interestingly, the company has tried to duplicate some of these advertisements as tabs within the Page. For example, there’s an interactive ad on about its Angus beef burgers, called Angus Axioms – on Facebook, that same interactive ad also appears on the landing tab. The Angus beef feature lets users browse the different elements of various styles of Angus burgers (browse your mouse over the bacon part and you’ll see a close up photo and a description of the bacon).

Chick-a-Fil and Pizza Hut have seen growth through highly customized integrations into Facebook, like photo contests and online ordering. McDonald’s hasn’t taken its page that far, but the rollup of its unofficial Pages shows that it cares — so watch for more from the company in the future.

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