McDonald’s Cheered for Decision to Do Away With Certain Antibiotics in Chicken

Fear of "superbugs" makes this an important move.

McDonald’s has announced that it’s going to discontinue the use of chicken raised on antibiotics “that are important to human medicine” over the next two years. The decision is receiving high praise from some very important people. From ABC News:

Gail Hansen, senior officer of the antibiotic resistance project at The Pew Charitable Trusts, said, “McDonald’s announcement is a big public health victory in the battle against antibiotic resistance.”

“Superbugs” are a growing concern, particularly because of a small outbreak of infections at a couple of Los Angeles hospitals.

Of course, there are some who would like McDonald’s to take it further, either to include other antibiotics or to include pork and beef products. But already, the fast food company is being called a “leader” for this move. The company has already announced that it will offer customers the option to purchase milk that comes from cows that haven’t received growth hormones. This move is generating positive buzz for the company after a blizzard of negative.

On CBS This Morning, we were told that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness because they’re being used so much on healthy animals in order to make them grow as a faster rate. The larger issues of health and wellness that this announcement touches upon can’t be overlooked.

And with so many customers expressing concern over the source of their food and how it was raised, this is something that will start to make people reconsider what they thought they knew about the company. It’s a menu change that has much broader repercussions.

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