Martha Stewart vs. Apple PR, Round One

Everyone’s favorite domestic goddess first learned to use a microwave while in prison—and she still hasn’t mastered certain fruit-themed tech toys.

Martha Stewart almost beat Kanye West for most ridiculous Twitter outburst last night. It seems she dropped her iPad on Wednesday and spent much of Thursday evening sitting, tweeting and (presumably) sipping her signature wine as she waited for the company to respond.

It got a little weird:

Impractical, but OK.

We’ve all heard about Apple’s plans to get more aggressive with its PR strategy under new CEO Tim Cook, and it seems that the company’s famously invisible team contacted Ms. Stewart in the midst of her hissy fit.

Hey, she just got pissy in front of three million people—no harm, no foul. But Apple has a vested interest in telling the public the full story. How will they help the truth leak out?

Also: it’s worth saying that Martha has a bit more self-control than Kanye, who can’t seem to shake his addiction to the caps lock key.

Hmm. Maybe he meant Amy Schumer.