Martha Stewart–Media Mogul and MySpace

Martha Stewart has a MySpace Page, which isn’t all that surprising, except we’d have figured her as a Facebook kinda gal. But, what is surprising is that she has a blog which reads like she’s writing much of it herself. (We’d certainly read enough of her magazine’s end page essays to recognize her style.)

For those of you who are not familiar with bottarga, it is the roe of tuna or rouget that is kept in one piece–sort of like shad roe–salted and dried. Some bottarga is pressed, other left unpressed and some very finely ground into a dry coarse powder. Main culinary uses: as a pasta topping, grated over pasta dishes or thinly sliced in salads and served as antipasto.

Her entries about the South of France are pretty interesting, somewhat informative and the name-dropping isn’t obnoxious.

There’s something sort of poignant about a media mogul who has no other outlet for her musings about shopping on Sardinia and the poor rate of exchange than the one used by porn stars and tweens.

(photo of Martha and Sir Martin Rees at Google camp.)